How I Win Over 80% of Sales Calls

May 5, 2023

All my people who hate sales say hey-ooo…

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This one is for all my people out there who don’t think they are “good” at sales or dare I say…hate sales.

Before I started my business, the #1 thing I was worried about was how much I would have to be on sales calls (aka discovery calls).

“I don’t like selling,” I would often say to myself.

But then everything changed.

As I continued to take more and more calls, I ran the numbers (…naturally) and I realized I was closing the vast majority of leads. In fact, about 83% on average (100% if they came through a referral).

Who is that girl?! I was good at these calls. I started to like these calls.

My entire view of sales changed. And here’s how:

See sales as a relationship opportunity.

Previously, my corporate background tainted my view of sales. Sales was usually a numbers game in that world.

Not to mention, I would constantly get spammed by sales reps with catchy subject lines trying to sell my their software or service.

A few even found my personal phone number and relentlessly called me. And these were people from professional, legitimate tech companies – not overseas scams.

But in the small business world, sales is different. With more limited resourcing, quality over quantity is KEY.

And quality in sales means developing relationships.

That is something I could get behind.

I love meeting new people and making people feel seen.

This is exactly what I do on my “sales” calls. I’m making sure we’re a good fit for a potential long-term relationship. It’s a disservice to them and myself if we work together and it wasn’t a match from the start.

So step #1 to make sales calls more fun and less sales-y: Approach every call like a puzzle. Try to understand how you can help this person, not that you already have the answer.

So how do you do that?

Get curious.

I’m an innately curious person. The stereotypical child asking “why?” 10x in a row? Yea, that was me.

No joke, my mom used to call me “The Mosquito” because I wouldn’t stop pestering my family once I fixated on something 😂

One man’s annoyance is another man’s…most valuable sales call asset? I like to think so.

One of the most important things you can do on a sales call (and in my opinion, any conversation) is ask really good questions.

Here’s the formula:

1) Start with active listening. When you can ask a question, truly listen to their answer. Take notes.

2) Then ask an open-ended question that builds on their answer that they just gave. This is what makes an impactful question.

This shows you understand them and their problems vs running through a checklist of questions that you ask everyone.

And that’s it!

No amount of sales anchoring, asking to sign on the spot, or other sales tactics are going to improve your calls if you don’t start with good substance.

The world is all about relationships – the small business world even more so – and that’s something I can get behind.

Always in your corner,


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